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138/1 Vosstanya str., Kazan Russia

WINTERCOME - official representative of BLITZER in Tatarstan. An Authorized Service Center has been opened on the basis of the company.
Our in-house service department plays an important role in our company's activities. Our service engineers have a university degree. We practice a wide range of modern maintenance techniques. This includes working with refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment located in the meat and dairy industry, petrochemical sector, low- and medium-temperature warehouses and liquid cooling units throughout the Russian Federation. Technical audits of equipment. For this reason, we have special instruments with verification, with which we carry out high-precision measurements of the parameters of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
The main task of ”Wintercome” service is to prevent malfunctions at an early stage. In this regard, we offer the implementation of remote monitoring and dispatching systems. These systems are used to monitor the parameters of refrigeration systems in real time and to record these in the future. This significantly reduces operating costs in production and enables intelligent optimization.
One of the major competitive advantages of our company is our own repair service centre for screw and reciprocating refrigeration compressors from various manufacturers, where the compressor can be delivered and repaired once the fault has been identified. For emergency cases there is a fleet of replacement compressors that can be delivered and installed on site to replace those being repaired. The service centre is state-of-the-art and equipped with all the necessary fixtures and tools for quality work under comfortable conditions.
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We operate in the Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. When contacting our service team, you'll receive high quality services in a short time! We have been working with most of our partners for five and more years or more.

Siberian trakt 34/2, 420029 KAZAN, Tatarstan, RUSSIA / Tel.: +7.843.260.97.78
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