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One of the most important factors in preserving milk quality is its timely and correct cooling. We do this with modern and energy-efficient solutions based on ice storage systems or special evaporators. The temperature of "ice" water at the output after cooling is zero point five degrees Celsius, which is enabling milk to be cooled efficiently in intake and production processes.


successfully equips dairies with cooling systems.
For new production facilities, we suggest a combined cooling scheme, taking into account the prospects for increased production volumes. Our specialists visit the facility, study the thermal load curves and the raw material turnover volumes, and offer optimum solutions on the basis of all input data. For example, if there is insufficient floor space, containerised units can be ordered. Refrigeration machines and heat exchangers are assembled in transport-sized containers, which are delivered to the facility and integrated into the existing plant in a very short period of time.
24/7 installation, commissioning and technical support for completed projects. We offer a full range of maintenance services for supplied equipment. We carry out technical audits to find internal reserves and help management to improve operational efficiency. For the same purpose - to optimise costs - we implement remote monitoring of refrigeration equipment. This allows you to monitor your company's refrigeration system in real time.
Unplanned heat surges, mains surges, equipment shutdowns - emergency information is recorded and transmitted to responsible parties via all available communication channels.
We have many years of experience and have a lot to share with our partners. Purchasing Wintercome’s milk cooling solutions means finding a reliable partner and a competent and mobile team of specialists.
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We operate in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the results of our cooperation and will contact us again to implement new technical solutions with us.
Siberian trakt 34/2, 420029 KAZAN, Tatarstan, RUSSIA / Tel.: +7.843.260.97.78
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