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Meat is one of the main sources of protein for the human body. It contains a large number of amino acids, fats, minerals, some of which are essential. The consumption of this product is one of the basic human needs.


successfully equips meat processing plants with refrigeration systems for the following production segments:
  • Refrigeration equipment for cooling half-carcasses after slaughtering
  • Refrigeration equipment for flash freezing of meat and semi-finished products
  • Cold rooms for the storage of finished products (refrigerated and frozen)
  • Refrigeration equipment for producing "ice" water with a temperature of zero point five degrees Celsius for air-cooled drip systems
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems to maintain the required microclimate throughout the plant building and processing halls
  • Batch plate freezer for rapid freezing semi-finished products
  • Cold storage doors and process doors for production
  • Remote monitoring systems for refrigeration equipment
The main enterprises involved in the slaughtering of livestock (cattle, poultry, pork, etc.) and meat processing are meat processing plants. Meat processing plants consist of a large number of workshops (slaughtering, deboning, processing, preparation of semi-finished products, etc.). High quality of the end product can only be maintained by maintaining a certain temperature regime at each stage of the processing chain. In this regard, the use of high-quality and reliable refrigeration equipment for meat processing plants is a top priority.
By purchasing refrigeration equipment for the above-mentioned segments of the meat processing plant, “Wintercome” LLC guarantees its high reliability, energy efficiency and long service life.
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Siberian trakt 34/2, 420029 KAZAN, Tatarstan, RUSSIA / Tel.: +7.843.260.97.78
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