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What all types of cold stores and refrigerators have in common is the material those are made of. As a rule, they represent three-layer sandwich panels filled with polyisocyanurate foam, the so-called PIR panel. This type of panel is widely used to construct cold rooms and has a number of positive properties. For example, relatively low panel weight, low thermal conductivity and moisture absorption coefficients. This saves on foundations and energy costs and is not subject to biodegradation.


offers various types of storage facilities, such as:
  • Distribution centres comprising low- and medium-temperature cold stores with large areas designed for storing large volumes of food, reception areas, vegetable storage cells, all of which serve to consolidate large groups of perishable goods for further picking and delivery to trading enterprises
  • Vegetable/fruit storage rooms - designed for long-term storage of vegetables for up to 6 months and more
  • Finished goods storage rooms for the meat and dairy industry, characterised by short shelf life, storing goods from the moment of their production until they are transported to the consumer
  • Small commercial refrigerators for short-term storage of raw and semi-finished products, small quantities of inventory for the food industry and refrigerators for retail outlets.
  • Production halls in the meat and dairy industry
The outer layer of the panel is galvanised, painted steel, which can be replaced with stainless steel or colour-coated steel. Stainless steel or colour-coated steel is used in areas with corrosive environments or where cleaning agents must be used for sanitary purposes.
The size of the door or door opening, the frequency of opening, and the technology that will be used to maintain the warehouse should be taken into account when planning the design solution for the cold storage room. There are several types of doors for different applications.
Double-leaf gates are used for rooms where temperature control is required. They are available in single or double-leaf versions.
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Refrigerated sliding gates are designed to insulate doorways in medium and low-temperature cold rooms. It can be used in different temperature ranges from -35ºC to +55ºC, even outdoors. They are suitable for warehouses with low traffic. Sliding gates are used where there is insufficient space and can be equipped with electric drive and automatic opening system. If electrically operated, they can also be used for high traffic areas.

Speed roll-up doors are used both indoors and outdoors in all types of industrial facilities with very high traffic (warehouses, workshop and unloading areas), as well as in supermarkets and distribution centres, preventing draughts, moisture, dust, dirt and insects from penetrating. They help to maintain the temperature and the necessary microclimate in the room and to preserve products and packaging. The door blade fits snugly against the lateral guides to ensure an exceptionally tight seal. And the mechanisms quickly close the opening even under high wind loads. The door frame can also be made of stainless steel. The door is shatterproof.

There are no rigid elements in the PVC door leaf. Even with modified opening geometry, high-speed doors work correctly. If accidentally knocked out by vehicles, they are not deformed and are self-righting in the guides.

Swinging doors are an excellent solution for industrial and technical premises with high traffic of personnel and goods. By installing these doors, cargo flows can be optimised and heat/cold leaks prevented, while also reducing the costs of climate control installations. The use of swinging doors will help to eliminate draughts, dust and dirt from entering the process room.

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